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Bosnian Rainbows & Zorch - Red 7 - May 29, 2013 - See Full Photo gallery HERE

At Fun Fun Fun Fest back in Austin this fall, you missed your first time slot and were rescheduled. But the surprise of the rescheduling made it really exciting. The audience had this, “Oh! They did make it after all!” sort of feeling. What was that like from the performer side?

Omar Rodríguez-López: Well, we were on our way to Austin and our van broke down. And so we actually missed our slot, and so we thought we weren’t gonna be able to play, and we went to Austin anyways because, you know, we have friends there. So we went anyways and then the people from the festival said, hey we had a cancellation, there’s a slot and so we said sure of course, so then we just went and we played. And it’s a good example of something that could be seen as a failure: if you have this thing that’s scheduled, and you’re supposed to do your part and show up but then, the van broke down. And so you failed to meet your end of the bargain to show up, and you’re like ‘oh man, we missed that’, and so you missed an opportunity. For somebody else that might be the end of the world, “oh we missed the opportunity to play”. But we just said ‘oh the van broke down that’s what happened, so let’s just go watch a movie anyways’. So we drove the extra five hours or whatever, just so we could go hang out with them and watch a movie. And through not worrying or not obsessing about it and not even seeing it as a failure, this whole other avenue opened up. And we were there, had we turned around we would not have even been there. We were there to be able to say ‘oh sure we can play that spot’. And we went and we played without thinking whether people understood or not who was supposed to be playing or what happened to the original act that was scheduled. And it was cool you know, it was like a great example of the whole failure thing, because I thought it was like the best show of that leg of the tour.

Back in town and on time, Bosnian Rainbows featuring Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Teri Gender Bender brought their tour the heat to Red 7 last night (5/29) with Zorch who they play with again tonight in Houston to wrap up a 4-night-TX run.

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